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 AMI Jukebox speaker question

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Bob D.

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PostSubject: AMI Jukebox speaker question   Tue Oct 19, 2010 2:50 pm

I just got an old tube amp going from an AMI Continental II jukebox. The chassis no. is R-2777 with the stereo add-on amp L-2728. I plan on using this amp in my HiFi stereo system. My speakers are 8 ohm units. What terminals on the output strip would be the best match for 8 ohms? (The taps are marked E1 to E6.)

Is there a good jukebox forum on the internet? Maybe this is not the best place for this question.

Bob D.
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PostSubject: Re: AMI Jukebox speaker question   Tue Oct 19, 2010 5:10 pm

In all honesty, I would probably ebay that amp and use the proceeds to buy a tube amp designed for home stereo like a tube Fisher or Scott. It sounds like your amp has the stereo round feature which may be very desirable for someone with a Connie I or II that doesn't have that feature as it was an option. AMI Continentals are probably the most valuable jukebox there is so the amp may have a good value. They also had a very different way of hooking up the speakers to make the stereo round feature work. This may or may not be a problem if you are using it for home use.

I'm not very familiar with this amp so I could be wrong but many jukebox amps are 16 ohm. The terminal strips are usually hooked up to different taps on the output transformers and cut the power but don't change the impedance. Although on this amp, it may control the stereo round. You should try to get a schematic. Try arcadeboneyard. They have free ones for some models. You can make it work if you really want but it will probably take some adapting. It is a nice sounding amp.
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PostSubject: Re: AMI Jukebox speaker question   Tue Oct 19, 2010 6:20 pm

HI- I think that juke still had 16 ohm speakers in it. I now that the older AMI's used 16 ohm speaker(s) as I have a E120, F80 and a G80.

The different tap's were for selecting different wattages, not ohms.

Also 2 of the taps were for 70 volt line speakers..

Wasnt there someone here on the forum looking for parts for that same amp/ jukebox last week ?? They may want to buy it from you. ?

Schematic page from Vern Tisdale's site..


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PostSubject: Re: AMI Jukebox speaker question   

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AMI Jukebox speaker question
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